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We create the perfect synergy between marketing strategy and creative design.

CASE: Emma Solutions

Interactive painting

Where art and technology meet.

Research & development

Interactive "window shopping"

Shoppingwindows and billboards that respond to you.

Expedition Tactile Paving - MuZIEum

Mixed reality app

Kingsday 2.0

Augmented Reality on Kingsday

Augmented Reality App

Webdesign for desktop & mobile

We create well thought-out user-friendly websites and applications with a visual design that communicates clearly and tells the right story. We design using exact determined goals to achieve maximum succes. We offer a custom package of online services, effective, smart and cost-efficient.

Social media brings you closer to your target audience

Are people talking about your company online? Do you receive questions on social media? How can your organisation play a part in this movement?

Cyril de Vroom

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Cyril de Vroom
Strategy & Innovation
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